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Washington Barn History & Heritage

Do you own an old barn or have a love for them? Colfax Library Wednesday, Apr. 4, 6 pm
Then join us and fellow barn enthusiasts for an evening lecture about Washington’s historic barns and also, the state’s award winning Heritage Barn Register Program on Weds, April 4 at 6 p.m. at the Center at Colfax Library.

State Architectural Historian, Michael Houser, will take you on a journey across the backroads of state as we explore the history, types and styles of barns, as well as the technology needed to build them. Houser will also show examples of barns across the state that have recently be rehabilitated as part of the State’s effort to preserve our rich agricultural heritage and tell you how to apply for grant funding to preserve your barn. Currently $450,000 is available in matching grants to support rehabilitating historic barns.

As an added bonus, The Center will be filled with stunning local barn photos from George Bedirian, Kenneth Carper and Steve Van Vleet. (The attached photo is by Ken Carper.)

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