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Excellence Is Our Goal


The purpose of the foundation is to make it possible for individuals and organizations to support the library’s growth into the next century by making a bequest of the Whitman County Library Foundation.


The foundation is committed to the development of a “savings account,” an endowment fund that can produce unrestricted income to ensure that Whitman County children and adults have access to learning and knowledge through both electronic and traditional forms and free public library service over the coming decades.

A good public library is the life blood of any community; it ensures that all people, from all walks of life, have access to the information and ideas they need to learn and grow, to solve problems, and to dream.James A. Michener

Why A Library Foundation?

Many challenges and opportunities lie ahead for public libraries. Who could have predicted the changes in technology that have occurred in the past twenty years? And who can predict the changes that will occur in the twenty-first century?

A quality library is essential for a good community. It is a source of education, information, and pleasure for residents of all ages. The library plays a vital role in connecting rural communities with our ever-changing world.

Though the library is a tax-supported agency, alternative methods are needed to help fund its operations and to maintain an up-to-date collection, while staying in step with technology and information revolution. The challenges and opportunities of the information age require investments in technologies that will allow the library to achieve a leadership role in communities.

Leaving A Library Legacy

Enriching lives through the pursuit of wisdom, knowledge, and enjoyment Initial donations have been made in memory of those listed to the left.

Samuel K. Randall
Georganne Baber Randall
Norma McGregor
Bert Scholz
John F. Adams
Daniel Codd
Emma Ruby
Dorothy Smith

How Does The Foundation Operate?

The Whitman County Library Foundation is 501 (c) (3) tax exempt through the Friends of the library organization. Funds, securities, or real property given to the foundation are tax-exempt. Gifts of the foundation are placed in a fund or may be given for projects or purchases that meet the long-range goals of the library.

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