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The Friends of Whitman County sponsors this award as a way of thanking community members for their time and generosity.

Featured Sponsor

LaCrosse Librarian Tami Schwartz, LaCrosse Principal Jordan Jennings, and Branch Services Coordinator Catalina Flores

LaCrosse Schools

The featured sponsor is LaCrosse Schools for being a great supporter of the LaCrosse Library. They always provide school space for afterschool library programs and graciously allow the Librarian to visit classrooms.

For more information, contact:
Cody Allen at 509-397-4366.

Past Sponsors

Plants of the Wild (April 2021) for supporting our Malden, Rosalia & Tekoa libraries through Arbor Day programs and seed giveaways for our local communities.

Beverly Pearce (March 2021) who was recognized for being not only “Library Bev” for the past ten years, but a strong advocate for the entire town of Palouse. From Haunted Palouse and Turkey Leg Runs to story times and cooking programs and all of her many other library and volunteer activities over the years, she has touched so many lives in the Palouse community and will
soon be forgotten. 

Mary DeGon, Pam Jacobs and the Town of Oakesdale (February 2021) are recognized for supporting the Oakesdale Library with extraordinary effort during the pandemic and for helping make the library a safer and more attractive place for the community to visit using town grant funds.

Bob Bates (January 2021) is recognized for his 10 years of service as a Library Trustee, during which he showed support, wisdom & a healthy dose of humor.

Pine Creek Community Long-Term Recovery Group (December 2020) is recognized for championing the return of the Malden Library and working on WCL’s behalf to secure a new temporary location for the library.

Cossette Hauck (November 2020) Recognizing your outstanding support of Albion programming!  Your willingness to promote, attend and assist with library programs helps to make each one successful!  Albion branch manager, Amy, says, “I’m so glad she is part of the community!”

Marilyn Burg (October 2020) recognized for her outstanding support of the Uniontown Library and generous donation to help fund library programming.

Communities and Volunteers (September 2020) Recognizing compassionate support from organizations and individuals giving their time and donations to those that have been affected by local wildfires.

Anna Clayton (August 2020) recognized as Whitman County Supporter of the Month for outstanding dedication and support of the Rosalia Library. Anna is a lover of the library who is always willing to lend a hand, bake cupcakes, or donate fun items to make youth programming special. Librarian Marcy Campbell says, “Thank You for making the library fun and welcoming!”

Dave and Candy Lisenbee (July 2020) Dave and Candy Lisenbee were recognized by Whitman County Library for their dedication to the Farmington Library and literacy through sponsorship of library summer reading program.

Jody Opheim (June 2020) Jody Opheim for her outstanding effort securing grant funds to enhance library services, generous support of Friends of WCL and active engagement with communities in Whitman County.

Gloria Lauhoff (May 2020) Gloria Lauhoff was honored as Library Supporter of the Month for May. Gloria has been a dedicated and active member of the Friends of the Library and recently donated 50 masks to protect library staff and patrons during the Coronavirus crisis.

St. John Endicott School District (March 2020) St. John Endicott School District recognized as Whitman County Library Supporters of the month for their dedication to extending STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) learning for students outside of the classroom. Science Club, held monthly in partnership with WCL and annual Family STEAM Night provide hands-on STEAM activities giving students the opportunity to explore all aspects of STEAM learning.

Stateline Processors (February 2020) Stateline Processors’ Virginia, Larry and John Heaton and Sandy Hansen have generously supported the Tekoa Library and Community since 1962.

Sharon Lindsay (January 2020) generously supports the arts in the library and Center, giving of her time to teach photography classes, sharing her beautiful images through exhibits, photographs and books, supporting equipment needs and so much more.

Pioneer Title Company (December 2019) of Pullman generously supports youth programs across Whitman County by providing a raffle tree for the annual Festival of Trees. Their donation of the tree and associated prizes, along with their sale of hundreds of tickets is truly impactful to local children and libraries.

Dana Hogan (November 2019) of Garfield is always willing to lend a hand wherever she is needed. She is an advocate, volunteer, visionary and dedicated supporter of the Garfield Library, the Garfield community and Friends of Whitman County Library.

The Rialto and owners Marc and Kayla Howard (October 2019) of St. John are generous community and library supporters, including their donations to Summer Reading and their partnership in community Trivia contests.

Missionary Volunteers from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (September 2019) have positively impacted the community over the years through the countless hours they volunteer at the Colfax Library.

Trinity Lutheran Church of Endicott (August 2019) has long supported the library and community, lending their facility for large classes and programs, partnering with summer programming and helping out wherever they can.

Pioneer Telephone (July 2019) of LaCrosse generously supports library programs while also providing important telecommunication services to the library and community

Whitman Hospital & Medical Center (June 2019) were honored for improving the health and wellness of area residents through community education and fitness classes held at the library.

Diane Nebel (May 2019) of Rosalia quietly and consistently supports the library through her generous donations of time and resources. Librarian Marcy Campbell says, “Our library would not be the same without Diane!”

Members of the Palouse STEAM Coalition (April 2019) are dedicated to supporting youth education in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math, including the coordination of the STEAM supply drive. This drive greatly expanded access to technology equipment, programs & supplies for youth within the Whitman County Library district.

Crossett’s Food Store and owner Mike Crossett (March 2019) are an amazing asset to the Oakesdale library and the community. Mike is always willing to help out, and always with a big smile on his face!

C.D. “Butch” Booker, Auctioneer (February 2019) has given his time and talents to lead 3 successful fundraising auctions for the library. Money raised has support the library’s ADA and elevator renovation, Hayden’s Corner children’s area remembering Hayden Klaveano, children’s programming and The Center renovation.

Patty Mills (January 2019) Art Teacher for Oakesdale Schools along with the Rural Alliance Art Show committee provide a unique opportunity for students to share their art and talent beyond the walls of the classroom through their support of the annual show at The Libey Gallery at The Center at Colfax Library.

Andrea Harp (November 2018) of Malden has long supported the library. Andrea was integral in bringing library services to town and continues to help out by donating craft items, assisting with programs and spreading the word about all that is available at the Malden Library.

US Bank, Colfax and US Bank Foundation (October 2018) played an important role supporting renovation projects at the Colfax Library and The Center. Manager Shanna Larson provides finance classes on a variety of topics and skills. The Foundation most recently funded programs for the children of Endicott and St. John.

The Steiger Family and Friends (September 2018) continue to support of the Bettie Steiger Community Enrichment Center, an important facility dedicated in loving memory by Bettie Steiger’s late husband Don. In accepting the award, Craig, Ann and Marni were proud of their parent’s gift to the community and humbled to accept the honor on behalf of their friends and family.

Carter Foods and Judy Carter, LaCrosse Market (August 2018) have been Friends of the Library and generous Summer Reading supporters. Manager Tami Schwartz appreciates how they work as a team to get the word out about library programs and services.

The Garfield Inconvenience Store and owner Sonja Hall (July 2018) give back to the community in many ways, from delivering groceries to shut-ins to volunteering for the food pantry, community events or her local library. Sonja keeps a book sale shelf in the store that benefits the library and she sees that her children are super-library users. Librarian Heather McArthur says, Sonja bends over backwards for her community each and every day!

Dyan Broemmeling (June 2018) of Colton encourages childhood literacy and learning in partnership with the Colton Library. She sees that the students in her Child Care Center enjoy great library programs and also works to get school aged children and her own to attend the fun programs being offered at the Colton Library.

Friends of Hospice (May 2018) is based in Pullman but provides important end of life services for residents throughout the Palouse. WCL is honored to partner by sharing the valuable books, resources and important community programs provided by Friends of Hospice.

Teresa Myott (April 2018) of Palouse is a former library trustee and longtime library and community supporter. Teresa’s generous contributions of time and resources have a huge impact on the library and its users.

Anonymous Supporters and Whitman County Voters (March 2018) from across Whitman County greatly impact library services and facilities. The Library District could not thrive without the combination of voter supported funds, community donations and volunteers. WCL and our community appreciate you!

Starr Cathey (February 2018) of Albion is a longtime supporter of the Albion Library and Community. She and her children use the library faithfully and Starr played a key role in combining children’s library programs with free summer lunch program, insuring that both the minds and bodies of young residents are well-fed.

Frank and Billie Watson (Jan 2018) are long time members of the St. John Friends of the Library and supporters of library programs. Frank has also been an advocate for the library as a member of the city council and the school board.

Grammy G’s of Palouse (Dec 2017) plays an invaluable role at the Palouse Library. Grammy’s owner Debbie Goetz donates books, contributes prizes for adult summer reading and finished the colorful wall hangings in the library promoting reading to the entire community.

Mikki Tague of Colfax (Nov. 2017) is a longtime member Friends of the Library, working steadily and quietly to improve library services for the entire community. From providing snacks for afterschool programs to supporting senior citizens in their health and wellness, Mikki does more than people will ever know!

Keith and Marcy Campbell (Oct. 2017) have so impacted library service within the Rosalia community. Marcy provides caring, creative, innovative programming for all ages. Keith works as her right hand man, building, fixing and supporting anything that Marcy needs.

Tom Mohr (Sep. 2017) only lived in Colfax a short time but his impact was felt by many. His exhibits “Why I Moved to Colfax, parts 1 and 2” brought art, culture and an audience to The Center at Colfax Library. Tom’s photography of local events, communities and the landscape made us all more appreciative of this place we call home, the Palouse.

Washington State Employees Credit Union and Community Relations Coordinator Josh Bergman were honored as June’s Library Supporter of the month. WSECU has generously supported Summer Reading programs across the county and this year donated two Galaxy Tablets as incentive to read.

Etol Lillard and her therapy dog Chesso (May 2017) of Endicott love to visit the library, especially during Storytime. All of the children who frequent the library also love and appreciate their time together.

Kim Schultz (April 2017) teaches 4th grade in Tekoa and is a huge cheerleader for library programs. Kim understands the benefits for local youth and welcomes the librarian Diane Harp into her classroom regularly. Kim encourages her students to attend afterschool and summer programs, to the point of letting them call home for permission to go!

Pat Voge (March 2017) of Rosalia is a valued library supporter. Besides donating generously, Pat is always there to brighten the library with balloons, festive touches or to help out any way she can!

Suzy McNeilly and Crystn Guenthner (February 2017) of Colfax provide Yoga classes at the library that benefit community health, library projects and a variety local causes. In addition, Suzy is a longtime Friend of the Library donating generously and teaching Yoga as part of Summer Reading programs.

Daniel and Joyce Leonard (January 2017) are tireless volunteers, providing free, unbiased assistance to senior citizens choosing Medicare supplements across Whitman County. The Leonards have traveled to branches countywide, saved participants thousands of dollars and brought them much needed peace of mind.

The Real Life Church of Pullman and Mocha Mommas of Colfax (December 2016) were honored for their support of the Bettie Steiger Community Enrichment Center. Jackie Klossner accepted the award on behalf of both groups as she has been instrumental in coordinating donations from the Mocha Mommas and recruiting church volunteers to assist with a number of projects in The Center.

Thrifty Grandmothers Club (November 2016) of Colfax are longtime supporters of the library and its programs, The Center and the entire community. Wherever there is a need, the Grandmas come to the rescue and are most deserving of this honor.

Polly Anderson (September 2016) is a long-time and active volunteer with Friends of WCL and many other community organizations. Polly has assisted with numerous library fundraisers including a quilt raffle with the Whitman Samplers that raised nearly $1500 for The Center.

Whitman Medical Group (August 2016) and its staff have long supported the library. They contribute to a variety of programs including countywide annual summer reading programs while also providing valuable partnerships on health related programming.

Lori Loomis (July 2016) is an enthusiastic supporter of the St. John Library and its programs for children. Lori assists with programs, brings snacks and does whatever is needed to see that area children participate, learn and discover the joy of reading!

Laura Jones (June 2016) assists the Endicott Library and community in many ways. She serves as a substitute librarian working whenever she is needed. As town clerk, she assists with library building issues and as a mom, she sees that her family benefits from the many programs and services at the library. Laura is active and involved in making a positive difference.

Startin’s Repair (May 2016) and the Startin family of LaCrosse have impacted the Lacrosse Library through donations and volunteer efforts. Manager Tami Schwartz says, “They are truly a blessing to the library and the community.”

Rosalia’s Gifted Granny’s Thrift Store (April 2016) is a volunteer organization that annually donates more than $16,000 back to the community. Their support provides scholarships and financial assistance to the school, library, fair, pool, food bank and many other people and agencies. In 2016, their generosity brought three great children’s events to the Rosalia and Malden libraries for the summer reading program.

Sandy Holtzheimer (March 2016) of Colfax is a longtime friend and advocate for the library. Besides her financial support, Sandy is an enthusiastic participant in author events, classes and other library opportunities.

Dennis Palmer (February 2016) is a dedicated supporter of the Oakesdale Library. As mayor, he works to see that the library facility if in top condition and community members are informed of library events through the town’s website and newsletter. Representing the McCoy Valley Museum, Denny was instrumental in their participation and digitization of hundreds of images into WCL’s Rural Heritage collection.

Jamie Misner (January 2016) of Endicott loves to help, volunteering at Storytime, after school programs and sometimes teaching the kids sign language and the letter/word of the day. Jamie is helping raise funds for air condition for the library. She is an enthusiastic advocate, participant and donor to Endicott Library!

Jon Kehne (December 2015) gives generously of his time and resources, serving 10 years on the Board of Trustees, consulting with library staff on important administrative issues and supporting a variety of fundraising efforts. Jon and his wife Peggy are long-time Friends and patrons of the Library.

Your Pullman Radio Stations (November 2015) along with owners Bill and Susan Weed and sales professional Rachelle Ledbetter regularly broadcast Whitman County Library news and events, realizing the importance of library programs, services and issues to the community.

Éclair’s Coffee and Company (October 2015) of Tekoa is a major sponsor of Summer Reading and other library programs within that community. Diane says, “I can go to Éclair’s whenever my library has a need!”

McLeod’s Palouse Market (September 2015) provides donuts each year for the Turkey Leg Fun Run an annual event that provides new children’s books for the Palouse Library. McLeod’s also supports Summer Reading and a wide variety of community events.

Paige Collins (July 2015)  of Rosalia generously donates her time and resources to that community’s library, including the purchase of a big, bright rug that now anchors the children’s story programs and reading area.

Ackerman Heating and Air (June 2015) of Colfax generously supports the library by funding radio advertising that features library programs, events and services. Because advertising is beyond the scope of the library’s budget, these efforts greatly improve the library’s ability to “get the word out!”

Carol Cauley (May 2015) of LaCrosse generously volunteers her time and resources to clean the library. Carol is active in LaCrosse Community Pride and a great community supporter!

Eileen Soldwedel (April 2015) is an amazing supporter of the Tekoa Library. Eileen’s is a generous supporter, also assisting with programs, snacks, donating books and finding additional community supporters.

Diane Harp (March 2015) manages the Tekoa Library very well, with a special flair for instilling a love of reading and learning for the community’s children. Diane received the ultimate compliment, being nominated for this award by a local patron.

WSU/Center for Civic Engagement, Student Mentors (February 2015) Special thanks goes out to these college-aged volunteers who provide afterschool literacy programs and valuable relationships for secondary students in Albion, Colfax and Palouse Libraries.

Larry Caudill (January 2015) of Colfax keeps the library parking areas safe and attractive by keeping them freshly painted. His years of volunteer efforts combined with his love for libraries make him a valued supporter!

Mary Ann Mitchell (December 2014) of Steptoe is a longtime Friend of the Library. We rely upon Mary Ann’s wisdom and guidance at Friends’ meetings and she can always be counted upon to help with library projects and events.

Dawn Bennett (November 2014), Bliss co-owner from Colfax is a dedicated library patron, friend and instructor. Dawn was a key supporter during the library’s renovation. Dawn is a true library Friend and advocate helping spread the word about library services.

Bob Bates (October 2014) of Colton serves on the Whitman County Library Board of Trustees. He has long supported Summer Reading, is very active within the community and is a true advocate for education and the value of libraries.

The Avista Foundation (September 2014),has long supported Summer Reading countywide. The Foundation has also supported hours in the Malden Library, and building renovations in Endicott, Colfax Library, The Center and other branch locations. Special thanks goes to Kristi Meyer, Avista Foundation Director along with Paul Kimmel, Business and Public Affairs Director for the Palouse Region.

Balloon Biz and owner Hillary Lawson (July 2015) are dedicated Friends and supporters of library programs in Tekoa donating Summer Reading prizes for all ages and being amazing advocates for the library.

Endicott Food Center and owner Jenny Meyer (June 2014) have been longtime supporters of the summer reading program, They donate craft supplies and refreshments for children’s programs. Jenny attends Book Club and many of the library’s adult programs, and even baby-sits for the librarian in a pinch.

First Wind and Palouse Wind Farm Support Specialist Shawn Elston (May 2014) helped develop a plan to best serve the communities of Oakesdale and Rosalia. This year, they generously funded Saturday hours in the Rosalia Library and 24 community programs in the Oakesdale Library having a huge impact for area residents.

Columbia Bank (April 2014) has long been a member of The Friends of the Library, regularly advertise our events on their reader board and generously support bank employee Teri Kneale in her work with Friends of WCL!

State Bank of Farmington (Mar 2014) has supported library Summer Reading for years and years. As one of the few business in Farmington, they are very generous and supportive of their small community.

Linda Hayes (Feb 2014) of St. John welcomes every community member into the library/town hall with a smile. Linda supports the library with her time and resources and most amazing of all, loves the noisy children’s programs that happen just outside her office.

Cathy Jones (Jan 2014) of Malden leads local library crafting programs planning all of the projects and supplying the materials. Cathy also helps out with Summer Reading programs in the Malden and Rosalia Branches and assists wherever she is needed. Manager Karen Wallace says, “I couldn’t serve Malden without her!”

Wanda Alderman (Dec 2013) is a dedicated supporter and volunteer, recently completing her second year as President of the Friends of WCL. Wanda is an integral part of the library’s Rural Heritage project and a fixture within the library.

Teresa and Don Myott (Nov 2013) have given generously of their time and resources. Teresa has served 9 years on the Board of Trustees, assisted with displays and crafts in the Palouse Library and supported a variety of fundraising events. The Myotts are long-time Friends of the Palouse Library and have contributed images to the Whitman County Rural Heritage collection. Besides service to the library, Don and Teresa are active within the Palouse community.

Donna Bird (Oct 2013) of Tekoa loves children and they love her! She generously volunteers her time to assist in the library’s children’s programs or to help out wherever she is needed.

Kathy Merry (Sept 2013) of Garfield is a longtime friend of the library. Besides her generous financial support, Kathy regularly provides treats and assists the librarian with community programs.

Nan & Yosh Konishi, owners of The Pinewood Cottage, Rosalia (Aug 2013) support the library in a variety of ways. >From building, repairing and donating library furnishings and décor, to volunteering their time and resources the Konishis are always there for the Rosalia Library and community!

Pete and Peggy Bryan (July 2013) are longtime Friends and avid library supporters. They have contribute items for fundraising auctions, regularly give memorial contributions, support local Summer Readers and have donated their time and resources to the new Lacrosse Library and Market.

Cougar Graphics (June 2013) are Friends of WCL and graciously support the Friends Journal project. By binding the journals at cost, Cougar Graphics donates a tidy sum for each journal, allowing the Friends to fund valuable programs and projects with the proceeds.

Endicott Community Club (May 2013) played an integral role in fundraising for their library’s renovation, dedicating their 2011 German dinner proceeds of $5500 to the project and just recently purchased ceiling fans as well. The group is very active in funding a variety of community projects that positively impact the entire Endicott Community.

Neill Public Library (April 2013) works cooperatively with WCL to share of a computer System’s Administrator, partner in the Family Fair Library booth and recently spearheaded a grant funded e-Reader program, all benefiting WCL.

Wired or Wireless (Mar 2013) allowed the library to share Malden’s Computer/Internet facility free of charge. This gave our Malden patrons a quality library facility with great online access and also have quality reading materials, valuable online resources and databases and quality programs for all ages.

Marcy Campbell (Feb 2013) talented author of the Rosie books has donated these titles to the library and also volunteers her time as a guest reader for children’s library programs in Rosalia and Colfax.

The Uniontown Mini Mart and owner Robin Weatherly (Jan 2013) have long supported Summer Reading with incentives for area children. They are also enthusiastic supporters of other library and community programs.

Jon Kehne (Dec 2012) of Colfax is completing his second full term on the Library Board of Trustees. Jon’s financial prowess and common sense approach helped guide the library through a $1 million dollar renovation, the annexation of six towns and the development of a new branch library. Jon and his wife Peggy are also generous supporters of the District.

Dan Sturgeon (Nov 2012) a Friend of the Malden Library has volunteered countless hours helping move into the new library, assisting with branch visits, donating books to the library and anywhere else he is needed. Manager Shannon Roe say, “I couldnot do it all without Dan!”

Athenaeum Club (Oct 2012) has donated books to Whitman County Library for more 50 years in memory of its members. The club has participated in the library’s Rural Heritage project and its educational ideals suppoort the library and its mission for self education and lifelong learning.

Washington’s Secretary of State, Sam Reed (September 2012) stepped forward in 2002 when the Washington State Library was in danger of being shuttered. Since that time, Reed has been a dedicated advocate for the agency and the services it provides to Washington’s libraries, citizens and legislators. Residents of Whitman County have benefited immeasurably from the many programs and services provided by WSL and thanks to Reed’s vision and oversight.

Ruth Simpson (August 2012) has been an active and vocal supporter of bringing library service to the community of Lamont. Thanks to her efforts, the community will vote for annexation in the fall of 2012 and is working diligently to open their new facility in early 2013.

The Feeding Station (July 2012) has provided all Tekoa Summer Reading finishers with a free ice cream cones for many years. The restaurant is an outstanding library and community supporter!

Becky Lawhead (June 2012) of Colfax has long supported the library through her volunteer efforts and generous donations. Becky coordinates library booksales, attends Friend’s meetings and often at fundraising events and community programs.

Lacrosse Community Pride (May 2012) truly understands the importance of the library within the Lacrosse community. Running only on volunteer hours, they are coordinating the transformation of an old building into a community center, grocery store, and beautiful new library, allowing for expanded programs and services. LCP is a shining example of how a group of concerned citizens can work together to make our communities better.

Thrifty Grandmothers (April 2012) support projects throughout the community and the library including Summer Reading programs, Hospital packets for parents of newborns, donations to the Colfax Renovation, Lacrosse Market/Library renovation and most recently to the Bettie Steiger Community Enrichment Center.

Avista Corporation and Paul Kimmel (Feb 2012) are committed to supporting and assisting local community projects including library services and facilities. As related to libraries, Kimmel and Avista are Summer Reading supporters countywide and assisted in funding renovations of the Colfax and Endicott Branch Libraries, funded library service in Malden when they had none and providing new lighting in the Oakesdale Library.

Danielle Klaveano (Jan 2012) has been a generous supporter of the library and regularly updates the décor of Hayden’s Corner, the library’s children’s room named in memory of her grandson Hayden. Most recently, Danielle regularly donates her time and resources to the Colfax Library’s beautiful outdoor landscaping.

Steven Van Vleet (Dec 2011) was honored for donating his time and all proceeds from his extremely popular calendar, “The Barns of Whitman County” to the Friends of the library. Over the past three years, Steve’s generosity has provided the Friends with much needed capital to support everything from community programs to library building projects.

Bob Ingalls (Nov 2011) in his work as Captain of the Whitman County Jail provides the library with quality work release volunteers who assist with a number of tasks like snow shoveling, cleaning, filing and more. Over the years, inmate work crews have saved the library thousands of dollars. Besides supporting the library through his work, Captain Ingalls and his wife Donna are also long-standing Friends of the Library and avid library users.

Claudia Rollins (Sept 2011) is a dedicated patron and supporter of the library. She often puts her creative talents to work creating quilts, wreaths and other items to benefit the library and serves faithfully as the Secretary of the Friends of WCL.

Webb’s Slough and Matt and Amanda Webb (Aug 2011) supported Teen Summer Readers countywide by donating tickets to the boat races. They are also long-time supporters of the St. John Branch and other community events.

Dolores Haley (July 2011) is a member of the Oakesdale Friends of the Library and a dedicated library patron. She has long supported children’s programs, volunteering her time and baking snacks. Dolores has hosted fundraising booksales, volunteers in the library, assists with the book club and serves as a substitute for that location.

Scott and Sue Hallett (June 2011) are long-time members of the Friends of Whitman County Library and regular library patrons. They’ve long supported the many projects and services of the library and Sue was recently elected Friends vice-president. Sue volunteers each week at the library and most recently, the pair were instrumental in arranging after-school snacks for the hungry latchkey children at the Albion Branch Library.

Xenodican Club of Palouse (May 2011) founded the library in 1920, going door-to-door to collect books for the town’s first formal library. Today, the Xenodican Club is no less active holding books sales, frying funnel cakes at Palouse days, providing cocoa and cookies at haunted Palouse, providing snack for children’s programs, cleaning, painting, supporting the library and doing whatever is necessary to insure that the residents of Palouse have the very best in library service!

Jan Varnes (March 2011) is a long-time Friend of WCL and also the Colfax School Librarian. She has worked closely with WCL to obtain a number of grant-funded programs for students, teachers, and community members. Jan assists with student research, partners in author visits and actively promotes quality reading programs and participation for her students. Jan is dedicated to the success of her students and is willing to go the extra mile for them.

Becky Dickerson (Feb 2011) is a valued library trustee, advocate, patron and friend. She has served 8 years on the Board, twice as chair. She’s represented the library in Olympia for advocacy events and offered her professional services for staff training. As the owner of the Community Current newspaper, Becky keeps the community informed about important issues and community events, including those related to the library.

Shannon Roe and Trevor Main (Jan 2011) were honored for their tireless work on behalf of the Malden Library. They donated their personal time for everything from cleaning and organizing the library facility to going door-to-door announcing programs and services. Under Shannon’s watch as Branch manager, circulation in Malden has risen 444% and children run full speed from the bus to get there!

John Aune (November 2010) will have served on the Library Board of Trustees for 14 years at the conclusion of his second term in 2011. John has been an amazing advocate for the library, participating in library related events, advocacy efforts and making important decisions as related to the future of the library. He and his wife Jane have been very generous supporters of the library through The Friends of Whitman County Library and also during the recent renovation of the Colfax Library.

Doug Stubbe (October 2010) volunteered his services during the renovation of the Colfax Library. From installing computer shelving to weeding books, the move back into the library facility would have taken much longer without Doug’s assistance and willingness to help wherever he was needed.

Rosauers and manager Shawn McAdams (August 2010) generously support Summer Reading each year by carrying the annual theme on their grocery bags. They provide coffee prizes for adult summer reading, pumpkins for the decorating contest, treats for children’s programs, sell the Friends of the Library fundraising cookbook and just help out in many other ways.

Vicki Hatley’s Daycare children, family and friends (July 2010) were honored as library supporters for the month of July. This year, the daycare raised more than $500 and over the past five years has raised more than $1000 to be used for children’s programs and materials. Each week, Whitman County Library visits Vicki’s Daycare along and others providing outreach storytime programming.

Smokin’ Papas & Judy Weiker (May 2010) bring valuable support to the Garfield Library by providing ice cream treats to summer readers of all ages while sharing library news in their community newsletter.

Two Old Gals (April 2010) are most generous supporters of Adult Summer Reading donating coffee certificates to area finishers. Gracie and the gang also support the library during the Pumpkin Party, St. John Winterfest, Soiree in the Stacks fundraising auction and most recently lend their space for Friends of the Library meetings, of which they belong.

St. John Cable and Greg Morasch, manager (March 2010) recognized as a leading library and community supporter. Not only do they bring reliable Internet service to St. John and Endicott but they also donate to programs, non-profit advertising, photo-copies and just about anything the library needs!

Gail Bilow (February 2010) consistently assists the librarian with craft programs by donating ideas, time and materials. Barbara Strader called Bilow “one of the most talented people in town.”

Community of Endicott (January 2010) honored for outstanding use and support of library services. Each year, Endicott overwhelmingly passed an M&O levy for their library, finally voting in 2009 to annex. Branch is well used and programs well attended.

James Morasch (November 2009) has gone over and above his job duties as Whitman County Library’s computer system’s administrator. In anticipation of the Colfax Library renovation project, James has dismantled and assembled shelving units, moved furniture and equipment, delivering items to outlying branches, recycled unusable materials, hauled garbage to the dump, painted and more.

As System Administrator at WCL, James has brought many thousands of dollars in technology grants to the library system while saving taxpayers money through wise planning and research of changing technologies and hardware. In his job-share capacity with Neill Public Library, James has fostered a relationship that benefits both systems and raised the technology capabilities for both the public and staff. Both systems have conserved funds by sharing contracts, equipment, and expertise.

Sally Elder (October 2009) was praised for educating and informing the community about library events and issue. As owner and editor of both The North Palouse Journal and Palouse Magazine, Elder regularly featured library news in both publications. (Unfortunately, both have ceased publication.) Elder volunteers regularly in the Garfield Branch library with children’s programs and special events.

Lavelle Gardner (September 2009) was honored for assisting the Oakesdale library in a number of ways. A long-time Friend’s member, she bakes treats and donates her time and money to children’s programs. An avid reader, Lavelle is also known to assist other library patrons in finding good books to read.

Troy and Alicia Wilson (August 2009) were honored for their efforts to improve the Tekoa Library. For two years Troy donated his time to volunteer in the library with his employer Quest Corporation matching his efforts with cash contributions from the Quest Foundation. These funds have gone a long way in supporting Tekoa’s children’s programs. Alicia was a dedicated branch manger and volunteered many hours to clean and organize the branch.

David Yu (July 2009) has regularly used the library and its many resources since he was a young child. Over the years, he has volunteered for the library and the Friends group in several capacities. Most recently, Yu compiled a You Tube film detailing the Colfax library’s building project. The video reviews the history of the library, the current concerns with safety and accessibility and the fundraising drive that will soon pay for its repair. A number of local residents appear in the film clip which can be viewed from the library’s website at

Elk River Cable and owner Dave McGraw (May 09) The company and owner Dave McGraw donate generously to the communities they serve, including nearly three years of free Internet service to the Rosalia Library, service that has been extremely reliable, prompt and professional.

In 1994, Al Kirkpatrick (Mar 09) became the first business to join the Friends of Whitman County Library as an organizational member. Since that time, Kirkpatrick along with his wife, library director Kristie Kirkpatrick, have donated generously for children’s programs, the library’s ADA and safety renovation project and as memorial gifts to the library. In his role as the library director’s husband, Kirkpatrick often finds himself volunteering his time to the library as well. Since joining the Friends of the Library just fifteen years ago, membership has increased from fourteen members to nearly 400.

Jerry McCollum (Feb 09) donated printed artwork for the Library’s fundraising auction, allows his photographs to be used on the library’s website and Friend’s of the Library cookbook and provides photographic exhibits for the Palouse and Colfax Libraries. Most recently, McCollum pledged his cooperation in a local grant project that will produce high quality exhibits representing Whitman County’s historical past.

Angela Teal (Jan 09) has long supported the library and the community by offering free Yoga classes at the Colfax Branch. Generally offering four classes per week, participants love the encouragement and enthusiasm Teal brings to her yoga, cardio and Type 2 classes.

Alex McGregor (Dec 2008) has been a friend of the library for many years, with The McGregor Company supporting summer reading countywide. McGregor has been instrumental in raising funds for the Colfax Library renovation, issuing a matching challenge and donating an added 20% to each one. Alex generously supported Hayden’s Corner and the Soiree in the Stacks fundraising auction. A gifted historian and author, McGregor serves on the board of the Washington State Heritage Center of which the Washington State Library is included.

Kay Riehle (Oct 2008) is a librarian at the St. John School and a substitute librarian for Whitman County Library. Thanks to Kay’s dedication, the school and the public library have worked very closely for more than 16 years to see that area children receive the best education and information possible. Among her achievements are two successful joint projects between for the public and school libraries.

Mary Estes (Sep 2008) Mary volunteers time and resources to the Palouse Library. As a member of the Xenodican Club, Estes helps with the annual cleaning of the library, book-sales and other fundraising projects that benefit the Palouse Branch. She and her husband Loren donated a toy box for the children and Mary can often be seen bringing her own grandchildren to the library’s programs. Mary is an avid reader and active within the community.

Ruth Dorman (July 2008) was honored for her love of libraries, books, reading and children. As an educator, she passionately believed all students should be well read. Ruth lived that example and she and her husband Don were very active supporters of their community and the library.

Shirley Morasch (June 2008) of Endicott was honored for years of dedication as a library employee, Friend of the library and avid library user. She was praised for always going the extra mile for customers, for finding everyone just the right book to bringing her hen to storytime.

Becky St. John (April 2008) was honored for years of library support to both the Tekoa and Colfax Libraries. Becky is an avid library user and longtime Friend of the Library whose enthusiasm about reading and books are important within our communities.

Tianna Gregg (Jan 2008) of Palouse created the Turkey Leg Fun Run which has raised nearly $4500 for children’s books in just three years. An avid library user, Gregg assists with storytime programs and crafts, even writing a great dinosaur song that the kids sang each week during one summer program.

First Step (Dec 2007) began providing the Colfax Library with free Internet in 1996, bringing high-speed access to our Colfax when bigger companies refused. Not only does First step provide Internet they are the host for our website and handle all the Email services we use as a library. They’ve continued their commitment to the region by bringing basic service and most recently wireless service to many of the library branches and small communities of Whitman County.

Elizabeth Gordon (Nov 2007) was a regular patron of the Bookmobile. In her youth, she borrowed and read library books by the boxful. As an adult, she was dedicated to the value of education and literacy. Upon her death, Elizabeth’s memorial donation leaves a lasting legacy to ensure quality service for future generations.

Judy Willcox (Oct 2007) served as the Palouse Branch manager and Youth services manager for WCL. She has dedicated her life to literacy and learning as an educator, librarian and now a dedicated library supporter through the Xenodican Club in Colfax.

Wanda Alderman (Sep 2007) is a dedicated and enthusiastic volunteer. Compiling scrapbooks of the library’s activities and news releases, Wanda is quickly becoming the expert on all things Whitman County Library. She works book sales and actively participates in the Friends of Whitman County Library.

Lori Pierce (Aug 2007) is a valued St. John library volunteer and substitute library assistant in St. John, Endicott, and Colfax. Clancy says, “I can always count on Lori to give the very best in service.” Pierce is friendly, proficient with technology, strong in reader’s advisory, and most of all, willing to go the extra mile to help out.

Doris Johnson (July 2007) of is an active community member, avid library user, and valued supporter of the Farmington Branch Library. She regularly donates materials to that branch which has improved the collection and saved the library lots of money.

Harold and Virginia Sauer (June 2007) are longtime members of the Friends of the Library, with Virginia having held many of the group’s offices. The Sauers volunteer for the fair and booksales, bake treats for meetings and help out wherever they are needed.

Loraine Gerlitz (May 2007) was honored at the library’s annual luncheon for more than fifteen years of dedicated support and membership in the Friends of Whitman County Library. Loraine volunteers at book sales, compiling baby packets, baking for Friends meetings and more.

Angela Broeckel – April 2007 is a treasure to the Lacrosse Library. She helps with Thursday morning children’s programs. She shares educational toys from her own home and donates magazines to the library. Angela is also very active in the Lacrosse Community serving with the Education Association, the Dusty B.B. Club and the Business Association of Lacrosse.

Sara Thompson – Mar. 2007 is Endicott’s most dedicated library customer and supporter. She donates children’s books, craft supplies, and magazines to the library. She assists with children’s programs and even donated a TV and VCR for the kids to use. Sara even signed on to work as the library’s substitute branch manager.

Charlotte Omoto – Feb. 2007 has been a long time supporter of programs and services in the Palouse Branch Library. She donates her time, money and even brings a weekly snack of crickets for the library lizard. Charlotte also purchases the Birds of North America for the library website enabling residents throughout the county to enjoy this worthwhile bird-watching resource.

Peggy and Larry Hagen, December 2006 are dedicated supporters of the Tekoa Branch. They helped design and accomplish the remodeling of that branch a few years back. As the town clerk, Peggy works tirelessly to see that city residents have a quality building while husband Larry volunteers his time to hang blinds, build shelves and clean the library.

Leslee Miller – Nov. 2006: was instrumental in the remodel and improvement of the Uniontown Library, has served faithfully on the Whitman County Library Board of Trustees for the past six year and donates to the summer reading programs for children. She is also volunteers her time in the community including work on the city parks and managing the artisans at the Dahman Barn; all while operating a successful Alpaca Ranch and Bed & Breakfast.

Gene Ellithorpe – Oct. 2006. Gene was a bookmobile driver in the 1950s, a library assistant in the 1990s and is now a dedicated member of the Friends of the Library. Gene volunteers regularly doing odd jobs, delivering books and dispensing valued words of wisdom. Gene is a treasured volunteer within the library and the community.

Whitman County Sheriff’s Department: Volunteers from the jail perform a wide range of duties at the library. From working booksales and shoveling snow, to painting and cleaning, crews from the jail have saved the library district and Whitman County taxpayers thousands of dollars.

Community of Malden: Dedicated community members and the city council teamed to bring library service to this small town after a decade without service. Library usage and support are running high in this special community.

Mary Ann Storms: Storms donates many hours of volunteer service, bakes and assists with children’s programs, is a member of the Friends of the Libraryand the library book club and serves as the substitute librarian in Garfield.

Lorraine Jones: This long-time member of the Friends of WCL was honored for her dedication and many years of participation in library events, fundraisers, and Friend’s meetings.

John Tague: John’s wife Mikki accepted the award in John’s memory. He dedicated over fifteen years of volunteer service, including coordination of Friends of the Library Booksales. It was estimated that John volunteered more than 16,000 hours and raised over $200,000 for the library in his fifteen years of service. John passed away this summer and the staff mourns the loss of this wonderful man.

Don and Linda Gallagher: Don and Linda have greatly improved the lives of Albion children with their donations of a child’s desk and chair set, games, puzzles, books and money to purchase brand new children’s books.

St. John Community: High library usage, strong attendance at children’s programs, local fundraising efforts and support of a $500,000 bond measure to build a new library demonstrate this community’s commitment and support!

Virginia and Jack Pittman: When the library needs a hand, we always call Jack and Ginny. They are active in the Friends, with Ginny serving as president for many years. The Pittman’s work at book sales, fairs, the Winter Celebration or anywhere they are needed.

Rosauers of Colfax, and manager Shawn McAdams: Praised for regularly supporting a variety of programs throughout the year in all 13 WCL branch locations. Special grocery bags carry our Summer Reading logo to promote our valuable program.

Virginia Bell – 2005. Honored for her generous donations of large print books. She’s given hundreds of books that have saved the library tremendous amounts of money while vastly improving collections throughout Whitman County.

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