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FREE & Achievable New Year’s Resolutions at Your Library!

New Year’s Resolutions by Kristie Kirkpatrick
Once again, I find myself writing this column just as the New Year begins. I’m starting to think this is a sign that I should dramatically improve my life through the perfect New Year’s resolution.
I know my husband Al would love for me to take up cooking. I imagine our diet of popcorn and frozen pizza is getting a bit mundane. But no. As I reflect, I think it would actually be a lot easier if Al took on a cooking resolution for our household.
Perhaps I could start exercising more? Such a healthy resolution for me! After I finish reading the newspaper, drinking my coffee, working all day, visiting with my grandchildren, enjoy a cocktail with friends, wash a load of clothes, and eat my frozen pizza, I can easily squeeze in some exercise. Nah that probably won’t happen.
But wait! In the middle of these musings what should appear but a handy guide, “New Year’s Resolutions with your Library Card.” This is brilliant!
First resolution on the guide is to “Learn Something New.” Right here at the library you can attend a computer class, learn to play the ukulele, compete in a trivia contest, explore a new language, or get certified in Microsoft programming and software.
The guide also encourages you to “Exercise your Body” by trying yoga, boot camp or the new gentle fitness class called “Move It or Lose it!” right here in Colfax. The guide also suggests borrowing the library’s diet and healthy living books, a workout DVDs or an “Outdoor Exploration” backpack filled with a variety of adventure gear.
Next suggestion from the guide is to “De-Stress & Relax.” It advises cultivating calm and creativity at the library’s coloring, art, knitting, or craft classes. Also, it says to try relaxing with a good book, movie, or to enjoy a magazine and cup of coffee in the library’s comfy seating area.
“Exercise your Mind” is listed next. This can be accomplished by accessing free newspapers or NewsBank from the library’s website. While you’re there, you can learn about local history at the Whitman County Heritage site or research your family’s history with Heritage Quest.
Finally, on the helpful resolution list is to “Read More.” Seriously? This is an actual resolution? Finally, a resolution I can keep. And to get started, I’ve found a beautiful new book called “The Book of Books” that explores America’s 100 best-loved books as identified in the PBS Series, The Great American Read.” So I’m off to read book #44, “The Handmaid’s Tale.”
You know, this resolution thing isn’t so bad after all!
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