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A Place of Information by Hillary Langlois

“Wash your hands frequently.” How many times have I heard this? 

Most recently, I read the phrase in a “ProQuest,” article by Chuck Mobley that compares our current pandemic to the Spanish flu of 1918. The article contained quotes from a 1918 pamphlet that echoed many of the same precautions we practice today. Including hand-washing and social distancing, people at the time were scrambling for ways to slow and stop the spread of the flu.

Just like the past, people today wonder, are we doing enough? Too much? What is fact? What is fiction?

That’s where the trusted and reliable resources from Whitman County Library’s website can help. 

Through “NewsBank,” you have access to local and global newspapers. There, you can search for your favorite paper or choose your topic of interest.

With “ProQuest,” you will find a broad range of opinions on many topics using cited information from magazines and newspapers.

Interested in learning more about how past pandemics may have affected your family? Start digging with “HeritageQuest,” where you will find interactive census maps, obituaries, books with family history, and much more.

Even our eBook collection tells us that pandemics are nothing new. “The Pandemic Century” by Mark Honigsbaum examines past pandemics and their effect on society. You can download this and other eBooks on Libby and Overdrive.

Young minds can keep busy with research using “SIRS Discover.” Current topics on this website help develop the ability to discover and process various complexities of information.

If you are looking for everything related to the Coronavirus, a great news page on our website provides you with up-to-date, accurate information from the local area, the country and around the world; click here.

Access these library services here!

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