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Checkout A New Activity Kits for Ages 5-105

New activity kits for ages 5-105 are ready for three week checkout with your Whitman County Library card. These kits are designed to help you stay active, healthy, productive, and mentally sharp.

Exercise for Kids, Exercise for Adults & Exercise Your Brain Kits

Stimulate your mind and improve your memory while playing games, the Exercise Your Brain Kit includes wooden Sudoku board, Memory Chess, Shape By Shape pattern game, playing cards and the Ultimate Book of Card Games. Challenge yourself or play with the family!

Increase physical activity for adults and kids with the Exercise Your Body Kit. Adult exercise and wellness kit by Fit Kit includes workout tools, online access to over 100 exercises, 6 week nutrition plan, 6 week fitness plan, videos, articles and more to help you get fit and stay healthy.

Keep the kids moving and away from the screen with fun active play activities. Kids exercise kit includes: printed Yoga mat and soft pucks to play hopscotch, tic-tac-toe, and target toss, jump ropes, jumping games and song books.

Parents can also help kids learn mindful breathing techniques from Breathe Like a Bear or strengthen the parent-child connection with play-based exercises included in Play Therapy Activities books.

All activity kit contents provided with funding from the Innovia Foundation.

Click here to request an activity kit today!

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