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Brown Bag STEM Kits Being Delivered to Students Across Whitman County

Student, Alyse Nebe, shows off her project

New STEM Kits for 7 Additional County Schools

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories has provided additional funding for the Brown Bag STEM program created in collaboration with Whitman County Library.  The additional funding will expand the program to include students attending Whitman County Library District schools in Colton, Garfield, LaCrosse, Oakesdale, Palouse, Rosalia, and Tekoa.

“It’s been so fun working with the Whitman County Library team on this project,” said John Cassleman, manager SEL’s K-12 Outreach program. “With all the virtual learning happening right now, we wanted to provide kids with a fun educational opportunity that doesn’t involve a screen.  These activities give students a chance to explore a variety of fundamental scientific principles and, at the same time, discover that learning and innovation can take place anywhere, by anyone, at any time.”

Students (L to R) Ashley Morgan, Landon Little, and Haylee Paulsen receive their STEM Bags

Combined with the STEM Kits previously supplied to St. John, Endicott, Steptoe and Colfax, over a 1000 public school students in grades K-6 will have received hands-on activity bags by the end of May.
If you live in Whitman County Library’s service district and your child falls into this age group but doesn’t attend public school call the library at 1-877-733-3375 or email to receive their STEM Bag.
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