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Blood Drive

In our area we are in a “Critical Need” right now! Here are some talking points of what “Critical Need” is for your donors:

·         There is a critical shortage of blood. Vitalant, which serves local hospitals, had 21,000 fewer donations than needed.

·         More blood is going out than is coming in—and hospitals are anxiously trying to help patients.

·         We urge all donors to give blood as soon as possible.

·         We strive to maintain a 4-day supply of blood just to provide what patients need, and currently we’re at less than half that for certain blood types

·         Blood on the shelf helps patients every day—for traumas, cancer treatments and critical transfusions—and enables us to be ready if disaster strikes.

·         Every two seconds, someone needs blood. Patients depend on the ongoing generosity of volunteer blood donors for the blood transfusions they need.

·         Thank you for supporting our lifesaving mission!

You always do such an amazing job! I am not sure you would need these talking points, but I included them just in case. If it helps us get 1 more donor it is worth it.

In addition, we will have the Alyx machine so donors may do Power Reds, Plasma, and AB-type blood may donate. This is now available on our blood drives, and is something new to our area. This should help us in our “Critical Need”.

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