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Put Book Club on Your List of Resolutions for 2020

MOSCOW-PULLMAN DAILY NEWS: Sarah Phelan, Public Services Librarian at Whitman County Library Jan 11, 2020 

If your New Year’s resolution is to read more, learn something new or to meet new people, the Colfax Library Book Club can provide the perfect opportunity. You will find exciting reads, engage in stimulating conversations with interesting people and most importantly share your love of books with others.

This month’s meeting is set for 5:30 p.m. Jan. 27 at the Colfax Library. Participants will each be reading a different book based on their birth year. To join us, simply choose any title published during the decade you were born and get reading.

If you aren’t sure what to read, drop by or call us at the Colfax Library for a list of the top 15 books published during the decade you were born. If none of these strikes your fancy, we can suggest other titles you might like to read.

Most months, our club members read the same book, but a few times a year, like now, members are encouraged to read different titles. Everyone enjoys this break from routine where we get to explore a wider variety of titles, genres, authors, and interests.

Club members range from serious bookworms and recreational readers to social butterflies who enjoy the camaraderie and yummy snacks. Some people attend every month, while others can only participate a few times per year. Even if you don’t like or finish the book, we encourage you to attend and discuss the experience with our group.

I find the book club to be an excellent source for filling my “to read” list. Member reviews have inspired me to read outside of my favored genres and to try different authors that have become new favorites. I also like that our club is flexible enough to encourage watching film adaptations of books when schedules are busy and reading time is limited.

If you can’t make it in January, look ahead to next month when our selected title will be “The Tattooist of Auschwitz,” by Heather Morris. According to, this No. 1 New York Times bestseller is a “beautiful, illuminating tale of hope and courage is based on interviews that were conducted with Holocaust survivor and Auschwitz-Birkenau tattooist Lale Sokolov — an unforgettable love story in the midst of atrocity.”

The Colfax Library Book Club offers a fun, flexible format and is designed for everyone to enjoy. We meet the last Monday of every month at 5:30 p.m. in the Colfax Library’s TEK Center. For more information, I hope you’ll contact me at (509) 397-4366 or

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