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Whitman County Library Board of Trustees Meeting Albion Library June 18, 2013

Present: Becky Dickerson, Bob Bates, Teresa Myott, Steve Balzarini, Chuck Petras, Kristie Kirkpatrick and Peggy Bryan.

Becky Dickerson, board chair, called the meeting to order at 4:39 p.m. She asked for additions or modifications; there were none.

The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed. Chuck Petras motioned to approve the March minutes; Bob Bates seconded and the motion passed.

Peggy presented the financial reports through May 31, 2013. She presented payment voucher resolution #10-13 totaling $142,089.30. Steve Balzarini motioned to approve the resolution; Chuck Petras seconded and the motion carried.

Because the board didn’t formally meet in May, Kristie presented the April circulation statistics noting that traditional circulation was even with April of 2012 while most other measures saw improvement. Rosalia, Colfax, Palouse and Endicott saw sizeable gains in circulation. Use of computers within the libraries saw a huge increase of 1000 uses thanks to strong numbers in Tekoa and Colfax. Children’s program attendance also registered an increase, especially in Rosalia, St. John and Colfax. Website visits and digital checkouts continue to rise as well.

Volunteer hours dropped from 352 last April to 70 in April of 2013. At the last meeting, Kristie incorrectly attributed this trend to the lack of jail volunteers when in actuality the biggest affect has come from Wired or Wireless no longer staffing the Malden Library.

May’s usage statistics will be presented at the next meeting.

OLD BUSINESS: Peggy reported that the Washington State Auditor’s Accountability Audit for 2009-2012 and Federal Audit on the Library Renovation are complete. The Auditor’s scheduled the exit interview next week. Becky will attend; Kristie asked that if other board members plan on attending to let her know.

Kristie thanked board members for attending the grand opening of the Endicott Library. Many Endicott officials and community members attended and it was a success. The proceeds from the silent auction and raffle are $2000. She is seeking input from the community on what additional improvements they would like to have in the library.

Peggy announced the LaCrosse Library has moved to the Market building. She said the move went smoothly with many from the community assisting! She shared several photos of the library. The library was open during Farm Fest last weekend, and she noted that the community is excited and pleased with the new library!

Kristie shared photos of the Lamont building that is intended to house the library. The Town of Lamont received .09 funds for this project well before they annexed to the library district and is completely responsible for its completion. Unfortunately, Lamont used all of those funds on the outside of the building and have no money for completion. Becky mentioned talking to a family she knows about the project. Staffer, Clancy Pool attended a community potluck in Lamont to assist residents with library services and answer questions and WCL has hired someone to provide summer reading; this will be a great new service to the community.

Kristie reported the $14,000 from .09 funds awarded to the Center was used to clean out the building, cement the dirt floor in the basement and fund minor repairs to the restroom. WCL plans to use the Center through November, closing December through March. Kristie has made little grant writing progress other than securing the help of a WSU graduate intern.

NEW BUSINESS: Kristie announced that Cougar Graphics is the supporter of the month for June. They have been supportive of the Friends of WCL in the sale of journals, providing the binding and assembly at cost. The next supporter of the month will most likely be from Garfield.

Kristie announced that the library will feature a photo tour on Saturday and photo exhibit in the library during Concrete River Festival on 26-28. The exhibition, “Our Palouse: The People, Places and Possibilities,” will feature a number of photographers. The library also received a UNI Portable Children’s Library for the event thanks to a grant Sheri Miller submitted.

Kristie reported that ACT 2 – CCS classes are going well. She shared the line-up of the classes to begin this fall; including watercolor, tablet computers, cultural exploration, belly dancing, ukulele and landscaping.

Kristie passed out a board orientation exercise for everyone to complete. Answering the most questions correctly, Becky Dickerson received both editions of the Friends of WCL cookbook.

Kristie encouraged board members to participate in Adult Summer Reading. Although they won’t be eligible for the grand prize drawing, they can receive a coffee certificate just like other teens and adults who complete.

Kristie proposed the next meeting be on Wednesday, July 17 at the new LaCrosse Library with dinner at the GrillBilly. The board concurred with carpoolers to meet at the Colfax Library at 4 p.m. and all others to meet at the Lacrosse Library at 4:30.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:48.

Peggy Bryan, Recording Secretary

Becky Dickerson, Board Chair

For more information, contact:

Kristie Kirkpatrick at 509-397-4366

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