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Take a walk through Whitman County’s history at The Center’s *NEW* Quilt Exhibit

Dusty BB Club is celebrating its 90th anniversary with a display of quilts made by generations of members.
The display will be at the Center at the Colfax library May 1 – 28.  

Dusty BB Club was formed May 20, 1927. Quilts were made from about 1930 to 1945. Many quilts were made and donated to various causes and needs. Quilt making started again in 1975 at the request of the younger members who wanted to learn how to quilt. Quilt making continued until 1993.

Quilts are made with love and are meant to be used.  The older ones have been well loved, wrapping families in warmth.  Dusty BB Club members invite you to come see the historic quilts and the newer ones. 

For more information, contact Sandy Passmore at 509-549-3446.
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