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Click Here To See Our Selection Of Perfectly Spooky October Reads By Some Of Our Favorite Indigenous Authors.

Indigenous fiction for October

If you haven’t planned out your next October read yet, here’s a short list of spooky Indigenous fiction to carry you through all the early autumnal nights ahead.

Never Whistle at Night by Shane Hawk:
In this chilling new collection of Indigenous dark fiction, author and editor Shane Hawk (Cheyenne and Arapaho) delivers fright to your fingertips. Inspired by a shared belief in many traditions that whistling at night can cause evil spirits to appear, this book stands as both an imaginative celebration and an informative warning.

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The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones:
Often called the “Jordan Peele” of horror fiction, Blackfoot author Stephen Graham Jones has redefined his genre. In The Only Good Indians, he writes an intricate web of four Native men and their families, a haunting event in years past, and a vengeful entity close on their heels. 

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Man Made Monsters by Andrea L. Rogers:
In this YA debut from Cherokee writer Andrea L. Rogers, readers will meet new and old horrors alike. Spanning centuries, homelands, traumas and truths, Man Made Monsters is a unique short story collection that includes illustrations from Cherokee artist and language technologist Jeff Edwards as well. 

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