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Click Here To See Our Fall Road Trip Recommendations. In This Image, The Book Roadside Geology Of Idaho Is Pictured In Front Of A Fall Highway Scene.

Fall road trip reading list

Books can inspire us to go many places, just as the seasons can! Browse our fall road trip reading list for some travel inspiration this autumn, both real and armchair alike.

Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip by Ian Anderson:
1,700 miles of vibrant cities, coastal towns, and glittering ocean. With practical tips, detailed itineraries, and insider’s view, you’re ready to fill up the tank and hit the road.

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American Vacation by Raluca Barbu:
A travel book about the most iconic Western US landmarks, seen through the eyes of a Romanian writer. It is in many respects one-of-a-kind because no other Romanian author has traveled and written about the American West. It provides a foreign writer’s take on the American landscape and tourism through the eyes of a citizen of a former communist country.

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Roadside Geology of Idaho by David D. Alt, Donald W. Hyndman:
Few states pack so many different rocks into such a small area as Idaho. The ancient sedimentary formations of northern Idaho, the Idaho batholith in the central part of the state, the continental hot spot track and newly discovered meteorite impact crater of the volcanic Snake River Plain, and the Active faults of the Basin and Range province are all chapters in an exciting geologic story.

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