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NEW Book Club at Colfax Library!

Everyone is welcome to the library’s first book club meeting on Monday, Jan. 28, 5:30 to 6 p.m. Our first meeting will be a short meet & greet where we will…

  • find out our first read
  • enjoy coffee & snacks
  • introduce ourselves in a fun icebreaker
  • explore PBS’ great American Read
  • pick an official meeting time
  • do a fun activity together
  • WIN door prizes!

Join the Colfax Library’s NEW Great American Read Book Club if you want to…

  • Find an exciting, new read (or watch, movies count too!)
  • Have interesting discussions & meet new people
  • Share about a book you LOVED or even hated in past (yes, books you’ve read before also count)
  • Just try it out because you aren’t sure if you want to join or not

Questions? Call Sarah Phelan at (509) 397-4366 or email
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