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If you live on the Palouse, we have some fantastic new STEM resources for you!


Looking for a FUN project that’s entertaining & educational? Check out the NEW STEM Supply Library at Colfax Library!
EVERYONE can request supplies such as batteries, protractors, balloons, foil and more to create lessons such as water bottle lava lamps or marshmallow shooters!
Searching for supplies to make a fun hands-on kids STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activity? Look no further than the newly established STEM Supply Library housed at Colfax branch of Whitman County Library.  Any individual, not just cardholders, can request supplies such as sugar cubes, toothpicks, playing cards, marshmallows, balloons, aluminum foil, glue and more through the STEM Supply Library. 


The STEM Supply Library was created for community members in Moscow, Pullman, and rural Whitman County to have access to free STEM materials and to inspire exploration into STEM topics. All of the supplies have been donated by local individuals through the Palouse STEAM Coalition’s annual STEM Supply Drive.
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