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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The Story of the Irish Race by Seumas MacManus

Everyone know that St. Patrick drove the snakes from Irish soil, that the Irish have all the luck, that Tristian’s Isolde came from Ireland, that Deirdre of the Sorrows was a great beauty, right?  If you didn’t know, you might want to check out this book and find out all you don’t know about the Irish people. 

Heritage of Ireland by Brian de Breffny

Featuring 100 black and white photographs and 16 full color pagers this book covers the history, culture, religion, folklore, myth, language, architecture, art, literature the Irish people have created throughout history. 

Poems from Ireland selected by William Cole

Through the long centuries of invasion and conquest, even when their language was taken from them Irishmen still sang secret songs to their beloved land.  Poverty and oppression could not silence them and this book contains and exciting collection of some of the most enduring Irish literature. 

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