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Happy 75th Anniversary to WCL: History, Legend and Progress

With 75 years now in the books, a rural library district quietly celebrates
By Anthony Kuipers, Daily News staff writer May 16, 2020 

“Shortly after the birth of the Whitman County Rural Library District in 1945, a library headquarters was established in a Colfax building that formerly housed a saloon.

According to current WCL Director Kristie Kirkpatrick, legend has it that drunken visitors would sometimes stumble in looking for a drink but leave with books instead…”

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History, legend and progress
The library was in the same building as the post office in Riparia, WA, until the post office
closed in 1963. Riparia was a small town next to the Snake River in Whitman County*
History, legend and progress
Children pose with a pony while attending story hour in 1945 at the Pine City
Branch of the Whitman County Rural Library District*
History, legend and progress
Gladys Bowles, Whitman County Librarian, presents reading club certificates to children for
participation in the summer reading program called World Friendship Vacation Reading Club in 1947,
Bowles was the director of the Whitman County Rural Library District when it was formed in 1945.*
History, legend and progress
Amy Ferguson checks-in returned books after they were quarantined for three days on Thursday
at the library in Colfax. The Whitman County Rural Library District is celebrating its 75th anniversary
this year. Ferguson is the branch manager of the Albion Library, and also works in the Colfax Library.

*Photos courtesy of Washington Rural Heritage
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