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Congratulations to our Fall 2018 Supporters!

October 2018 Supporter of the Month: U.S. Bank

US Bank in Colfax as well as the US Bank Foundation played an important role supporting renovation projects at the Colfax Library and The Center. Additionally, manager, Shanna Larson, provides finance classes on a variety of topics and skills. Most recently, the US Bank Foundation funded programs for the children of Endicott & St. John communities!

November 2018 Supporter of the Month: Andrea Harp

Andrea Harp of Malden has long supported the library. Andrea was integral in bringing library services to town and continues to help out by donating craft items, assisting with programs and spreading the word about all that is available at the Malden Library.

Whitman County Library trustees, Friends, and administrators sponsor the library supporter award to recognize individuals and groups who play a key role in forwarding the library’s activities, improving cultural offerings within our communities and supplementing a limited budget

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