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Book Drops Close Across Whitman County

WCL Board of Trustees Meeting practicing social distancing

Whitman County Library is closing book drops countywide and asking residents to keep any materials they have checked out in their homes until the library re-opens. The decision was announced at last night’s public board meeting where trustees practiced safe social distancing and addressed concerns related to the COVID-19 outbreak and public safety.

Top priority for the Board is protecting community members by keeping all 14 branch libraries closed until it is safe for them to reopen. The library serves patrons of all ages so elderly and high-risk patrons would be especially vulnerable in such a busy, public setting.
While library doors are closed, free Wi-Fi access surrounding the libraries remain available. Residents using this service should stay in their vehicles or practice social distancing if outside.
Our website services like eBooks, database subscriptions and requests for materials from the library’s catalog are still available. Library staff will mail requested items directly to patron’s homes so long as it remains safe for them to do so. Currently, all items are sanitized at check-in and staff are following safety precautions.

The library will continue to respond to state and federal requirements which are changing quickly. For the most current library services and information, visit, Facebook, or call 877-733-3375.

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