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The Six Early Literacy Skills

What you do helps your child get ready to read! According to research, there are six pre-reading skills that children must learn in order to learn to read. Activities you do to support each of these skills will change as your child grows! – Contact Sheri


Narrative Skills

Being able to describe things and events and to tell stories.

What can you do?

Make up or tell stories together and encourage pretend play.


Phonological Awareness

The ability to hear and play with the smaller sounds in words.

What can you do?

Sings songs, play games and share rhymes.



Knowing the name of things.

What can you do?

Talk, talk, talk and read, read, read with your child.


Print Motivation

A child’s interest in and enjoyment of books.

What can you do?

Find books about your child’s interests. Make sure that story time at home is relaxed and fun.


Print Awareness

Noticing print, knowing how to handle a book, and how to follow the written word on a page.

What can you do?

Help your child discover how to hold a book and turn the pages. Follow the story with your finger.


Letter Knowledge

Learning to name letters, knowing they have sounds, and recognizing them everywhere.

What can you do?

Help your child identify the first letter in his/her name and look for it in books and on signs.

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