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Stop By Any Of Our 14 Branches And Pick Up An N95 Respirator To Combat Wildfire Smoke. Provided By Whitman County Public Health.

Wildfire Smoke Protection with WCPH & WCL

An N95 respirator can be one of your best defenses against wildfire smoke, and you can now get one for free at any of the 14 branches of the Whitman County Rural Library District thanks to Whitman County Public Health.

Wildfire smoke can irritate your eyes, nose, throat, and lungs. It can make you cough and wheeze and can make it difficult to breathe. If you have lung or heart disease, inhaling wildfire smoke can be especially dangerous.

The most effective ways to protect yourself from wildfire smoke are to stay indoors, limit time outdoors, and reduce physical activity. People who must be outside in smoky air may benefit especially from wearing N95 masks. Wearers are encouraged to read the directions provided with their masks, however, as masks that do not fit properly offer little to no protection.

Visit your local branch library today to pick up your N95 respirator and directions, generously provided by Whitman County Public Health.


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