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WCL Board of Trustees Update

Cindy Alred of Palouse was recently appointed to the Whitman County Library Board of Trustees. Cindy spent 27 years with Bethel Public Schools before accepting a position with WSU and moving to Palouse in 2012. Cindy is eager to be involved in the community and pleased to be closer to grandchildren.

Cindy is grateful to continue her support of libraries by serving on the Board. She is recently retired from WSU. She is an active member of the Palouse WA Xenodicans, the Palouse WA chapter of P.E.O. and she volunteers in the Gar Pal School library.

Cindy Alred at Whitman County Library

THANK YOU to Steve Balzarini for serving on the WCL Board of Trustees for the past 10 years! Steve is an avid library supporter and has always been passionate about books, particularly non-fiction.

We’ve appreciated Steve’s practical wisdom over the years. While he will be missed on our board, we look forward to seeing him in the library as one of our favorite patrons!

Steve Balzarini & WCL Director, Cody Allen
Thank You Steve!
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