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Raining Cats and Dogs” new exhibit by Nancy Rothwell

Resident artist Nancy Rothwell’s new exhibit “Raining Cats and Dogs” is on display now through January 30, 2022 in the Libey Gallery at The Center in Colfax.

The whimsical paintings reflect Nancy’s love for animals that started when she was a child with cats and dogs as family pets. As an adult in Seattle, Nancy often rescued abandoned and sometimes injured animals, cats, dogs, raccoons and even a possum or two.

She would arrange medical care for the animals, find them good homes or release them back into the wild. Her sense of humor guides her to paint cats around a sad Bassett Hound when the dog’s demeanor says, “I would just rather be alone. Get me away from these cats!”

The Libey Gallery is in The Center adjacent to the Colfax Library at 102 S. Main St. The Center and Colfax Library are open to the public Monday-Friday 10am-6pm, and Saturday 1-5pm.

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