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Palouse Conservation District Backpacks Donated to Whitman County Library

Environmental Exploration Backpacks: Water Exploration, Wildlife Exploration, Air Quality

Check out one of these Palouse Conservation backpacks for a whole week at the Whitman County Library and take the family on a fun, hands-on investigation of environmental subjects which include water exploration, wildlife and air quality. Families are encouraged to interact with the kit materials to gain an understanding of why these ecosystems are important and worth protecting.

Visit the waters around the Palouse with “Water Exploration” backpack. Read about bugs and fish that live in the Pacific Northwest then see if you can spot them. Catch an insect with provided equipment then use the magnifying glass to see the critters up close. Don’t forget to release the insects back into their natural habitat for others to enjoy! Request the “Water Exploration” backpack!

Use the “Wildlife Exploration” backpack to identify animal tracks and explore their habitats. Mold your own animal tracks or use the binoculars to spot animals far away with equipment provided. Remember to leave no trace when exploring! Request the “Wildlife Exploration” backpack!

What makes the sky different colors? How can you tell if the air is polluted? Answer these questions and more with the “Air Quality” backpack. While exploring the sky above, get to know the birds of Washington State with pocket guide and listen to the sounds of common birds. Request “Air Quality” backpack!

The environmental exploration backpacks were funded by the Washington Conservation Society and created by the Palouse Conservation District, with the focus to enhance scientific and environmental literacy within the community. To learn more about the Palouse Conservation District, visit

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