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New Photo Exhibit Celebrates the Town of Colfax 150 Years

Harvest 1903, Harvest 2019 by Tom Mohr
Football 1930, Football 2018 by Tom Mohr
High School Dance 1947, High School Dance 2022 by Tom Mohr

The Colfax Chamber and Whitman County Library present the 150 Year Photo History by Tom Mohr 

This exhibit features photos from Whitman Heritage digital collection, archived by Whitman County Library, and pairs them with a related contemporary image taken by Tom. Tom specializes in combing multiple digital exposures to create one long continuous image. He is strongly rooted in photography, but his images reach for motion pictures; a link between the two. Originally attracted to this area by the landscape of the Palouse, he quickly grew an interest in photographing the community. With his “extended snapshots” technique, he creates pictures with more of a story, a visual sentence about everyday life. His technique and love of community brings out the best of Colfax in this one of a kind exhibit running through the month of July.

After browsing Colfax 150 exhibit, checkout the new exhibits by resident gallery artists, Ken Carper, Dan Codd, and Sharon Lindsay. Ken Carper celebrates the agricultural heritage of Whitman County through his photo exhibit and Dan Codd highlights local Palouse flavor in his photos. Sharon Lindsay’s recent ride with John Wayne Pioneer Wagons and Riders on the Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail is featured in her photo exhibit.

The gallery is located in The Bettie Steiger Center adjacent to Colfax Library and is open Monday-Friday 10am – 6pm and Saturdays 1 – 5pm. Both the gallery and library will have special open hours during the Colfax 150 Celebration on Saturday, July 23 from 12- 5pm.

New Exhibits by Other Resident Gallery Artists
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