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Library Snapshot Day!

Yesterday, we posted photos of all the programs, activities, books, and more that we offer to share a “day in the life” of our library with you!

This is a cozy shot of our library right before we opened.
At Storytime, we dance, we sing, we rhyme, we read,
we color, and we learn!

Suzy McNeilly offers yoga every week at the library to
relax, refresh, and relieve muscle tension.
It’s Penny Drive time Feed the library pig with change for
children’s programs for our annual Penny Drive during April!
Have you checked out our Seed Library? Take a few seeds to plant and
if you want, bring some back to us when you harvest!
READ THE RAINBOW! Visit our beautiful book sale 7 days a week
 Only 50 cents each!

1st through 4th graders planted trees today at the library!
FUN springtime learning! 
Research your family or your town in our Whitman County Archives!
You never know what you’ll find!

We have new books, children’s books, large print books, and more!
All available to you for FREE, 7 days a week
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