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Harvest Heritage Presentation TONIGHT by Richard Scheuerman at the Colfax Library Center


Historian, author and local favorite, Richard Scheuerman will give an presentation on “Harvest Heritage” on Thursday, March 28 at 7 p.m.

Scheuerman is a Northwest historian, author, and professor emeritus of education at Seattle Pacific University. His honors include the Washington State Historical Society’s Robert Gray Medal for outstanding contributions to history education and the Washington Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. Scheuerman was born and raised in the Endicott area and is a favorite of local audiences.

Richard Scheuerman’s Exhibit “Harvest Heritage: The Story of Humanity in Twelve Farm Paintings” comes to the Libey Gallery in Colfax runs through March 28. 

The “Harvest Heritage” exhibit is a collection of 12 works includes originals, first editions, and reprints, depicting harvest and agrarian scenes of rural life from the sixteenth century to the present. This exhibit represents a small portion of what has been acquired by Scheuerman as research into his many books on the subject – Harvest Horizons: Essays on Gleaners, Reapers, and Threshers in Western Art and Literature, Hallowed Harvests: Agrarian Depiction from the Bible, Literature, and Art to Early Modern Times, and Harvest Hands: Reapers and Threshers in American and Modern European Art and Literature.

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