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Enjoy Sipping on a Coffee or Tea While You Drink in These Titles

Homegrown Tea by Cassie Liversidge  Liversidge explains how to grow a large variety of plants in your own garden, as well as how to prepare the plants for teaand how to dry tea leaves to make tea you can store throughout the year. Includes an illustrated guide to making fresh and dried teabags and how to serve a delicious homegrown tea.  It is sustainable way to look at a beverage steeped in history and tradition. Request today!

Love Coffee
by Susan Zimmer  Expert advice and techniques, from how to brew the perfect cup and how to make a basic cappuccino without a machine, to a World Barista Latte Art Champion’s tips for making masterful latte art designs. It is brimful with a wealth of coffee understanding from the “ground” up, from bean to cup, including international coffees and brewing techniques best suited to a variety of preferences, all topped off with plenty of problem-solving tips and delectable full-color photographs. Request today!

The Tea Cyclopedia
by Keith Stouter
 Tea drinking has become a way of life. To put it frankly, it is a love, an addiction, and some would even go as far to say a philosophy. Dr. Keith Souter examines the perpetual impact that this adored beverage has bestowed upon the world for centuries, from its mystical origins in the East, to its inevitable influence on the West. The Tea Cyclopedia is an enthralling tribute to the illustrious, invigorating, and elusive leaf that has vehemently continued to inspire people for more than two thousand years. Request today!

Weekly Booklist by Hannah Shepherd, Whitman County Library, available each week in the Moscow-Pullman Daily News

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