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Book Club in a Box!

Have you always wanted to be in a book club???
1. Pick a group of friends: Invite friends or family to join you on your reading adventure! People with different points of view can create great discussions!
2. Check out “Book Club in a Box” from Whitman County Library: Host picks the book! This gives everyone a chance to read they are interested in as well as something new or a title outside of their usual genre. 
3. Assign each member a month: Choose a day of the month, for example: the third Thursday, allowing members time to finish the novel chosen and the host to prepare. 
4. Hosting the event: Along with choosing the month’s book, the host provides beverages and a light appetizer or dessert.    
5. Discuss the book, giving everyone a chance to share“Book clubs in a Box” include discussion questions to get you started! Additionally, if your group selects a book not offered as a book club in a box discussion questions may be found online. 


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